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Mountain States Energy Advisors is a law firm primarily focused on oil and gas and other related areas of law.  We provide stand-up and sit-down title opinions from patent to present, updates to prior title opinions, and limited acquisition title opinions in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Texas.  Mountain States Energy Advisors also offers counsel in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, probate litigation, real property transactions, quiet title actions, and land work across the Rocky Mountain West.


Takes place upon the death of a person intestate (without a will) or testate (with a will) appointing an executor/administrator to collect, inventory, and distribute the decedent’s assets in accordance with his or her will or the laws of intestacy at death.  Our Firm often advises the executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate in their capacity as a fiduciary of the estate


Process of gifting property or decision-making power to another in the inevitable event of death or in the unfortunately likely event of incapacity.  The process is controlled by the local rules of a jurisdiction where the property is located, or the testator is domiciled.



Unfortunate event when beneficiaries ultimately do not agree on the portion of their share of the decedent’s estate.  Our Firm will fight for your rights to the property and your standing in the family.


Real property law is the area of law that governs ownership of land or the right of possession of land to the exclusion of others.  An action to quiet title is a lawsuit brought in a court having jurisdiction over property disputes, in order to establish a party's title to real property, or personal property having a title, of against anyone and everyone, and thus "quiet" any challenges or claims to the title.  Some of the typical transactions this office handles are the drafting of title opinions, transfer deeds of all varieties, and landlord-tenant disputes.